Black on Black
Modern outerwear for Spring’s mid-temperatures.

Personally, I’d say an all black outfit fits every Season and the same applies to neutral colored faux leather pieces. Leather is one of the key fabrics in 2020 and will continue into Summer. This shows that the boundaries between seasons are becoming much less defined. 
I love versatile pieces like a black leather top which I can combine with different clothes from my wardrobe because you always end up with a totally new look. This is very important when it comes to building up a capsule wardrobe, I mentioned that earlier on my Instagram already. For the all black look, always try to combine different textures for that certain something.

Even tho we wear faux leather, it still keeps you warm. Especially in those early Spring days (when I shot the look in Vienna before this whole quarantine thing started), where the temperatures vary and the weather is still unpredictable.
Whether you opt for colorful leather or versatile neutrals, it’s by far one of the best fabric trends you can invest in this year. And we are all looking for clothes that will have a lasting impact within a capsule wardrobe.

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Black on Black

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Black on Black