Fall/Winter trend 2018/2019 – animal prints!

Yep, this is the biggest trend of the season – animal prints are back and we love it, right? This trend actually never really disappeared completely but this year it’s back even bigger. And it’s meant to stay! I have to admit I’ve never been a big fan of leo pattern but this season I’m so into it! Also because I have a better idea on how to combine the stylish pieces I guess. What about you guys, do you like it aswell? And have you already found your fav animal patterned pieces? As sad as I am that summer is officially over, I love dressing for fall with this trend!

Colors and designs
Almost every tone and every style of animal prints are represented this season, from leo and snake to zebra, you can’t go wrong with any of those animal designs. Also the color palette is huge. You can wear any animal print in neutral shades like brown, black, grey or white for example, or go bright and bold with neon colors like pink, red or even green.
Also make sure to take a closer look at the animal pattern before buying to see if the design looks realistic and not cheap.

Styling tips
If you are quite ’new‘ to wearing animal printed clothes I suggest to go with earthy tones like nude and brown because it’s the typical color for the leo design for example. Combine it with your favorit basics from your wardrobe, like black boots, a neutral sweater or jacket. The animal print is an eyecatcher itself and if you combine it with crazy bold colors, it would look like a big mess I guess. I also recommend not using too many different patterns in general with this kind of look, it can easily just look way too much. So if you decide to style an animal printed pieces, make sure to stick to this pattern and one piece only just to make sure.
Also be aware of mixing different animal prints in one look! (Only if you got the best fashion sense on the planet hahah)

You can find all outfit details from my leo look right below! Have you seen my snake patterend midi dress yet? You can find the look in this blogpost. And I linked a loooooooot of different styles down below for you, from dresses and skirts to tops and bottoms, jackets, shoes, bags and accessoires! Let me know your favorits! Happy shopping!

Dresses, Skirts and Jumpsuits

Jackets, Tops and Bottoms

Shoes, Bags and Accessoires

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Fall/Winter trend 2018/2019 – animal prints!