I rarely post personal content on my blog or even on my Instagram channel. Some bloggers share a lot of their personal experiences, others hardly ever do. I tend to focus on fashion and style, my main topics, but after all this is a personal blog in some ways and I am always interested to learn about the person behind my favorite channels. So, I guess it’s time for more personal stuff up here so you get to know me a little bit better.

People often say that I appear kinda unapproachable and seem reserved at first. I would agree with that, I’m an introvert and if I distance myself in the beginning it really has nothing to do with the other person. But actually I am very sociable, easy going and entertaining. I just need some short time to get comfy around others. But another truth is, a lot of people don’t even get to know me better because they tend to stick me in a drawer. People seem to love to categorize others. Maybe it’s because of me acting cool and reserved at first, maybe it’s because most of the people judge me because of my appearance. I really don’t know why but I have to admit that very often I find myself feeling disappointed and frustrated.. Because of people thinking in stereotypes and judging instead of getting to know each other first. Can you relate?! As stupid as it may sound, I am often battling with insecurities and I honestly think I am more than my appearance, more than just my looks. So please just come over and say hi, I always love to meet new people and get to no more of you guys.

Perhaps I am a little bit aloof at the beginning. But when we become more familiar with each other I will open my heart for you and let you in, and you will always have a little piece of it from this time on. I can tell I’m the most loyal person and the one that always got your back. Profound friendships are so important nowadays and I want everyone to have two or three really close friends. I mean really really close friends. Friends with whom you can talk for hours, have deep conversations with, always be honest with and who you can always call when you think the worlds collide. I’ve learnt over the last couple of years (sometimes in a very painful way) that it isn’t important anymore to get along with all the people in your environment, you just need a few kind, warmhearted, positive souls with whom you can take on the world. Doesn’t this sound epic? I am so lucky that I found people like this, people that push and support me instead of dragging me down, that bring out the best in me and even when I am at my worst, always have a shoulder to lean on. Just a crazy, hilarious and awesome bunch of people who feel like home.

But not everything is always colored in rose. Maybe that one friend who meant the world to you will hurt you someday, maybe he or she will disappoint you, and maybe he or she will say or do things that are disrepectful. Maybe the person won’t do the same things for you that you were willing to do for them. Or you will change and grow in another direction and the other one doens’t want to grow with you. And that is totally fine. This is the point where I wan’t to give you one advice, if someone effects you in a negative way or lets you down over and over again, just let them go. Honey, this is your life and you deserve the best out of it, surround yourself with positive people who spread love and good energy, who support you in every way, friends that want to see you grow and evolve!

My first car was a vw golf II from ‚1991 and I really really loved it. It was all white and had wooden beads mats on the front seats and a straw hat on the trunk lid. It was so so hot in summer and freezin cold driving in winter but I loved this car anyways. After a year or something I put stickers from my fav brands and funny ones in all kind of colors on the small back windows at the back seats. I swear it looked so cool! I named the car baby (please don’t ask me why). The big vw logo on the front was black but decided to paint it baby blue. What a perfect match I thought. After driving so many miles I had an accident, crashed into a wall, and the entire front was ruined and damaged beyond repair. Thank god nothing happended to me but I was so sad about the car. But it was my own fault. In summer I often miss my old baby, driving around, windows all down because I am almost melting inside, listening to Blink, Avril and Green Day and feeling the fresh air and the wind in my hair. Kinda cheesy right:D
Today I am still driving a vw with a few upgrades haha. By the way, I also have a motorcycle driving license. Unfortunately or thankfully no motorbike. 

As I grow older I am more aware of how beautiful it is to call this place I am living home here in Austria and how privileged I actually feel that I am able to live the life I am currently living. I think most people take it for granted or just forget in their rush and stress of everyday life how free and independent in some kind of ways we are right here. And this is so important. I think we are so blessed! Look around you and see how pretty everything is, breath in, inhale the fresh air, and remember you’ve got every possibility you can think of. And you are allowed to do and say whatever the fuck you want to!

Long story short, we are richer in a lot of ways than 95% of all the people living in this world. Or let’s say 98%, I don’t know. We have access to education, healthcare, everything is available 24/7 for us and we are able to drink the water from the tap which may sound so unspectacular for most people, but remember the last time you were abroad on vacation. Remember?
Human beeings are cruel to this world, the only world we got. There is no planet b. I for example only drink water from the tap for years now, and as long as we are able to drink it we definitely should. When I am not blogging or working in my part time job, I try to give a little bit back and help save the quality of our tap water by cutting out everything in my bathroom on a chemical, paraben, fluoride, microbeads, liquid plastic and toxic base, plus avoiding everything which got tested on animal. The best thing is that you create a positive effect on the environment and at the same time positive health benefits for your own body. Because as we now about the world, we only got this one body in which we have to live our entire life.
There are a lot of small and big things that I need and want to change in the future because I want my life to be more sustainable and conscious. It’s going to be a progress, step by step, and I am very excited about it.

This is more of a random fact. I looove all kind of games. I‘m always down for an evening of gaming with friends. Literally, there are no games I don‘t like to play, wether it‘s a card game, board games or outdoor action games like paintball and stuff like that. Except any game that includes water haha. (cats don‘t like it either?) I think this is because my dad taught me a lot of card and dice games from a very young age. I remember we’d sit in our garden and my two year old me on his lap whilst he played romee with my mom. I only see him three to four times a year because he’s living abroad, but when we meet it’s so nice and we’d play cards all afternoon long sipping coffee and talking about the meaning of life.
Back to topic, I also love a chic evening at the casino where everyone is dressed up. Pretending at the roulette table that we‘ve won everything and wondering what we would do with all the money. Or just a casual evening with friends and playing board games and just having fun and enjoy a good time together. Video games are so fun too. Most of the time I enjoy multiplayer games with my crew from germany (greetings are out!). I admit I enjoy this way more than going out on Friday or Saturday nights (by the way, I don‘t drink any alcohol for about 8 years now).
I also played soccer for a few years (my position was striker). Recently I discovered a new sport this year, I really enjoy playing badminton once a week with my bff, it‘s so fun and chill! You should try it! But let’s be real, my favorite sports will always be beach volleyball in Summer and snowboarding in the alps in Winter. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen quite often but I try to get on the slopes at least once a year. What about you? Do you have a favorite outdoor sport?

Honestly guys, this post took me by far the most time to write. I hope this will be just the first edition of more personal stuff to come. I really hope you enjoyed reading this rare personal content about me. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about me and I love to hear more personal stuff about you as well!:)

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