Spring Fever!

Spring has finally arrived and it’s getting warmer here in Austria. I missed those sunny and warm days already and I really enjoy beeing outside! It’s just so beautiful to see how nature comes back to life and flowers, trees and the grass start growing and blooming again. When I was younger, it never caught my attention, but as you grow older you really start to appreciate this time of the year, I guess.

I found this cute retro skirt at the mall in my hometown. I knew this is going to be the perfect piece for spring! Just added some of my favorite basics – a leather jacket, simple black shirt, cool boots – et voilà! 🙂

Jacket: Zara
Shirt/Body: ASOS 
Skirt: Pimkie
Boots: Public Desire 
Bag: JCOS Studios
Necklace: Cai Jewels

What do you think?

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